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Dr. George Tanaka on Canaloplasty and Rethinking the Eye’s Drainage System

No one appreciates the efficiency and convenience of the iTrack™ Advance more than Dr. George Tanaka, who cut his teeth during the old days of ab externo incisions and manual catheterization. Not surprisingly, when Nova Eye sought experts to offer insights on the state of canaloplasty following the release of their new iTrack™ Advance, Dr. Tanaka was at the top of their list.

In this video, Dr. Tanaka discusses the recent sea change in our understanding of the eye’s drainage system. He highlights the unique role of canaloplasty as the only MIGS procedure that works with the outflow physiology to offer proximal-to-distal improvement. Finally, Dr. Tanaka offers his top tips for successful canaloplasty and getting the most out of the iTrack™ Advance. So watch now and head on over to the iTrack™️ Advance website: for more.

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