Drs. Nicole Fram and Eric Donnenfeld: Why iTrace is a Must-Have in My Cataract Practice

The tools may not make the doctor in cataract surgery, but they sure do help. Renowned Drs. Eric Donnenfeld and Nicole Fram think that Tracey Technologies’ iTrace with new iTrace Prime software is one tool that’s indispensable in their cataract clinics. In this video from AAO 2023, they explained explicitly why.

Drs. Donnenfeld and Fram walk viewers through their favorite features on the iTrace, like ray tracing for wavefront analysis and an easy-to-follow visualization screen for patient education. Dr. Fram also explains why she can’t imagine practicing without it–and how iTrace instills patient and surgeon confidence for difficult decisions like complex cataract surgery timing and procedure selection. Watch the video now for the full details, and visit or contact a Tracey representative for a demo.

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