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Prof. Gerd Auffarth on RayOne EMV & RayOne EMV Toric

Sit down with Prof. Gerd Auffarth, one of the world’s foremost IOL experts and chairman of the University Eye Clinic and Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Heidelberg, for a breakdown on RayOne EMV and RayOne EMV Toric. Prof. Auffarth has been working with these IOLs since day one, and he shares his professional insights on their unique features, real-world outcomes, and value for patients and implanting surgeons. 

These innovative, non-diffractive lenses from Rayner aim for extended range of vision with monofocal levels of contrast sensitivity and dysphotopsia, along with high patient satisfaction—so watch as Prof. Auffarth talks about his impressions and experiences with them. Visit for more on RayOne EMV and RayOne EMV Toric.

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