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Rayner Acquires This AG, Firm Behind Sophi Phaco Machines

Rayner’s multi-year shopping spree in the cataract space continued today with the acquisition of Swiss-based This AG, the company behind Sophi phacoemulsification platforms. The deal closed on January 17, 2024.

Tim Clover, CEO of Rayner, lauded This AG’s technological prowess and provided some insight into the rationale behind the move. 

“The phaco machine plays a central role in cataract surgery,” he said. “[This AG’s]’ machines are truly differentiated with breakthrough technology combined with stunning design, which makes them such a good fit for Rayner,” he said.

An animated explanation of Sophi’s technology, produced by Media MICE

The acquisition is just the latest in a stunning multi-year run by Rayner on companies encompassing the entire cataract surgery process. 

They have now acquired complete or partial stakes in a surgical tool manufacturer (HASA OPTIX, 2022), mydriatic agent (OMIDRIA, 2021), and now a phacoemulsification machine (This AG, 2024). All of these moves come on the heels of CVC Capital Partners’ (Luxembourg, Luxembourg) purchase of a majority stake in Rayner in 2021. 

These are the latest additions to the Rayner portfolio, which also includes OVDs, digital tools, and pharmaceuticals. 

Thomas Koeppel, Founder and CEO of Sophi, echoed Mr. Clover’s sentiments and spoke about the common values underpinning the partnership. 

“Sophi was created by viewing things from a completely new perspective; to redefine the requirements of a perfect phaco system by focusing on the point of view of the surgeon and their team,” he said. “We saw the same philosophy in Rayner.”

Editor’s Note: For the full press release and comments, see here.

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