Ushering in the Next Generation of IOLs: Teleon Symposium Highlights @APAO 2023

The advanced technology of the latest premium IOLs, such as TELEON’s FEMTIS® family, has arrived, bringing with it a new era of state-of-the-art technology. At APAO 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, many innovative ideas emerged in cataract treatment. During TELEON’s Symposium, Pearls and Premium Solutions to FLACS and Customized Astigmatism Management, leading doctors from all over the globe gathered to discuss the current IOL landscape and evaluate the FEMTIS® family’s role in it.

This highlight video features the choicest cuts from both the presentations at the symposium and candid takes from attendees and speakers Drs. Sheetal Brar, Jod Mehta and Benjamin Cabrera. From femtosecond laser IOL fixation to astigmatism correction, top doctors from around the world addressed some of the hottest topics in the cataract and IOL space.

The can’t-miss full video can be found here:

Learn more about TELEON’s FEMTIS® family:

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