Jorge Alio Wows Binkhorst Audience with 3D Printed Stem Cells for Corneal Regeneration

Prof. Jorge L. Alio, an absolute rock star in the world of ophthalmology, blew our Media Mice minds with his groundbreaking contributions to the field of corneal regeneration.

As the Chairman of Ophthalmology and Director of the Iberia Biobank and Biodata in Alicante, Spain, Prof. Alio is taking giant leaps toward innovative corneal surgery.

Right at the frontlines of his pioneering work is the world’s first clinical trial for treating corneal dystrophies, with a focus on challenging keratoconus cases. Alio is boldly stepping into uncharted territory, using 3d and 5d printed autologous mesenchymal stem cells – an approach that offers incredible promise to patients battling these conditions!

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