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Advanced Cataract Surgery with SIFI’s EVOLUX and WELL Fusion System: ESCRS 2023 Highlights

One year after their highlight announcement at ESCRS 2022 in Milan, SIFI brought together a panel of industry-leading cataract and refractive surgeons to share their experiences with the extended monofocal IOL EVOLUX and presbyopia-correcting WELL Fusion system at ESCRS 2023 in Vienna.

The EVOLUX’s innovative design emphasizes intermediate vision to help meet the needs of our modern, device-driven world. WELL Fusion is a first-in-kind technology to optimize vision at all distances and in all light conditions providing patients with the best opportunity for true presbyopia correction. With EVOLUX and WELL Fusion SIFI aims to have patients’ and surgeons’ needs covered well into the future.

See highlights from the symposium in Vienna, where leading cataract surgeons like Drs. Ivan Gabrić, Ramon Ruiz-Mesa, Giacomo Savini, Victor Caparas, and Profs. Oliver Findl and Emilio Pedrotti discussed positive clinical results with SIFI’s advanced tech. Check this supercut for why the EVOLUX and WELL Fusion from SIFI have top docs so excited about the difference SIFI can make for their patients’ eyesight – and head over to SIFI’s website for more 

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