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Both Hands on MIGS with GONIO ready® and Dr. Konrad Schargel @WGC 2023 | Media MICE

At World Glaucoma Council 2023 in Rome, Media MICE correspondent Matt Herman caught up with Dr. Konrad Schargel, Glaucoma Division Chief at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The discussion? All about OCULUS’ GONIO ready®.

It frees up both hands — and brings a lot more to the table besides. For example, all MIGS surgeons need a perfect view of the anterior angle to get the surgery right. Luckily, for MIGS that require more skill and precision, the GONIO ready® provides a better view than ever before. Further, being able to accurately apply the correct amount of pressure is a key step to getting these delicate surgeries right. Be sure to check out the OCULUS website to learn more:

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