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Cutting-edge Ophthalmic Tech and the TOMEY Spirit on Display @ESCRS 2023

The pace of ophthalmic innovation is quickening, but should everything in the eye care industry change with it? With devices like the CASIA2 anterior segment optical coherence tomography (ASOCT), TOMEY has one foot in the future of ophthalmology. But in this ESCRS 2023 booth walk and product highlight video, TOMEY also shows how its signature spirit and commitment to its customers will always remain the same. 

It started with TOMEY’s innovations at ESCRS 2023, where it was all about the CASIA 2 ASOCT, OA-2000 optical biometer and AP-4000 automated perimeter. TOMEY representatives then spoke about this combines with their approach to client relationships, education and service to create one of the ophthalmic world’s premium customer experiences. Watch the video to see why, and head on over to for more info. 

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