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Drs. Paul Singh and Karsten Klabe Play Glaucoma’s Long Game with Canaloplasty + iTrack™️ Advance

Glaucoma specialists know that living with the disease means a lifetime of care for patients – and frequent drops just don’t jive with that. Canaloplasty with iTrack™️ Advance has presented itself as a solution to glaucoma’s long game, and Drs. Paul Singh and Karsten Klabe think there’s something to it. 

Beginning with canaloplasty fundamentals, Drs. Singh and Klabe took ESCRS 2023 attendees on a journey through their thinking on the procedure. Surgical footage, top tips for success, and key insights on how they use iTrack™️ Advance for next-level outcomes were all on the menu as the good doctors showed why freedom from drops is closer than ever. The full video awaits here, and even more can be found on the iTrack™️ Advance website at

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