Haag-Streit Shows off Eyestar 900 OCT @ESCRS 2023

So many incredible technological advances were on display in Vienna this year for the ESCRS Congress 2023. Haag-Streit brought together a panel of experts to share some of the benefits of their truly remarkable Eyestar 900 for cataract and refractive surgical procedures.

In addition to posterior imaging, this swept-source-based precision optical coherence tomography (SS-OCT) analyzer provides a host of benefits during anterior procedures.

This full symposium recording features a series of lectures by highly regarded surgeons in the anterior field. Dr. Giacomo Savini chaired the session, while Dr. David Goldblum, Dr. Warren E. Hill, Dr. Nir Sorkin, and Dr. Olivier Le Quoy each presented pearls and experiences using this device. From IOL calculation to the precise anterior segment OCT imaging, the Eyestar 900 offers the tools the modern cataract and refractive surgeon demands.

Check out Haag-Streit’s Eyestar 900 website at to learn more about this swept-source OCT device, and see why some of the cataract and refractive space’s most prominent thought leaders are so excited about it.

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