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Identifying Those at Risk of Blinding Glaucoma with Polygenic Risk Scores

Glaucoma is ophthalmology’s sneak thief of sight, stealthily stealing vision unnoticed until optic nerve damage has set in. So wouldn’t it be game-changing to ascertain glaucoma risk early, so that immediate steps can be taken to prevent disease progression and vision loss?

This is what has driven geneticists towards polygenic risk score testing, and the evidence base behind its efficacy for heritable diseases like glaucoma is growing. In this video, ophthalmologist and glaucoma genetics specialist Prof. Jamie Craig talks about the potential of in-clinic polygenic risk score tests – and how they are paving the way for early detection and personalized glaucoma management through the use of cutting-edge genetics. For more on implementing polygenic risk score testing in the clinic and how it can help healthcare practitioners to improve patient management, check out or email for details.

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