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IOL Expert Insights: Exploring RayOne EMV and RayPRO with Dr. Lutz Blomberg

Join Dr. Lutz Blomberg, chief medical officer at Eye Center Hildesheim-Alfed in Germany, as he shares his professional experience on cataract patient outcomes with Rayner’s RayOne EMV and RayPRO PROMs platform at WESCRS 2024.

Dr. Blomberg highlights how RayOne EMV lenses offer a higher depth-of-field and, for many patients, a surprising degree of spectacle independence. Explore how Dr. Blomberg enhances his understanding of patient outcomes with RayPRO, which offers quantified feedback on patient satisfaction, unveiling its positive impact on his patients’ results. Watch the video now, and for even more expert insights and analysis, visit the Rayner Peer2Peer channel:

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