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iStent inject® Revelations From the Fight Glaucoma Blindness! Registry with Dr. Colin Clement

The age of big data has been pumping out some choice nuggets of wisdom, and the Fight Glaucoma Blindness! Registry is no exception. Dr. Colin Clement plumbed the Registry’s depths in search of new revelations on Glaukos’ iStent inject®, and he was on hand at RANZCO 2023 to discuss the results.

Dr. Clement’s research compared the iStent inject with another popular option on the trabecular meshwork bypass market. Using the Fight Glaucoma Blindness! Registry data, the two devices went toe to toe on IOP reduction, medication changes, and adverse events… and Dr. Clement was in Perth to tell all. See what he had to say here, and for more info, check out the Fight Glaucoma Blindness! Registry’s home on the Save Sight Registries website

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