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iTrack™️ Advance Roundup: Six Canaloplasty Experts on Their Favorite Features

Six canaloplasty specialists, six leading voices on how the iTrack™️ Advance is making the procedure easier and safer than ever: Drs. Karl Mercieca, Leon Au, James Murphy, Karsten Klabe, Paul Singh and Jose Maria Martinez de la Casa. In this video, these eminent MDs discuss what features they love most about this new twist on an old classic.

On ease of use, the verdict is clear: each expert appreciates how the iTrack Advance facilitates smooth entry into the canal and 360-degree catheterization. Also popular are the illuminated tip for tracking progress, the rotatable nozzle for precise placement of the cannula tip and the ViscoInjector for precise titration of viscoelastic fluid.

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