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Phakic IOL Expert Ophthalmologists on Perioperative Care & Patient Expectations

What should phakic IOL surgeons be checking post-op? When should patients come back for follow-ups? What should be relayed to candidates to manage their expectations? These are questions that both prospective experienced phakic IOL surgeons have—questions that are answered in this interview with the experts who know the procedure best.

Dive in with Asia Pacific phakic IOL masters Prof. Xiaoying Wang (China), Dr. Robert Ang (Philippines) and Dr. Ik Hee Ryu (South Korea) at APAO 2024 in Bali. They unpack insights from a recent CAKE Magazine supplement on mastering phakic IOLs and improving patient outcomes in this up-and-coming entrant into the complete refractive surgeon’s arsenal. Delve into key topics like the vital role of postoperative care, the value of mitigating candidate expectations and the importance of effective communication for optimal results.

Ready to level up your phakic IOL proficiency? Scan the QR code to explore the full supplement and learn even more from the world’s best phakic IOL surgeons!

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