Rayner and Oertli Exclusive KOL Dinner Highlights at APAO 2023

Join Rayner, Oertli, and some of Asia-Pacific’s biggest KOLs at APAO 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the firms’ co-sponsored exclusive KOL Dinner. Set in the lush Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the shadow of the city’s landmark Petronas Towers, watch as guests feast their eyes on some of the most exciting innovations in eye surgery. This highlight video features some of the tastiest treats and soundbites from the evening’s tantalizing presentations from top ophthalmologists, including Dr. Mun Wai Lee (Malaysia), Prof. Gerd Auffarth (Germany), and Dr. Tun Kuan Yeo (Singapore) on Rayner’s RayOne EMV and EMV Toric, and Dr. Sanjita Sharma and Dr. Setio Budi Riyanto on Oertli’s OS 4 surgery platform and SPEEP pump, respectively. Sprinkled in are some candid interviews with attendees and their opinions on the events of the evening, including some surprising takes on these products and their impact on state of the profession.

All about Rayner’s revolutionary RayONE EMV:

And learn about Oertli’s SPEEP pump in cataract and retina surgery:

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