Thumnail_RAYNER  Ms. Lusia Pelosini

RayOne Toric Research Review with Ms. Lucia Pelosini: Booth Talk @ESCRS 2023

Trouble with torics? Join the club – from IOL calculation conundrums to concerns over rotational stability, there’s a lot to rue with astigmatic cataract patients. Ms. Lucia Pelosini of King’s College Hospital (London, UK), however, thinks there might be an end in sight with toric IOLs like Rayner’s RayOne Toric.

Her recent research on rotational stability, and experiences with Rayner’s Raytrace IOL calculator shows that a new era in toric IOL usage might be dawning, and she was on hand at ESCRS 2023 to present her findings. She lays it all out in thisvideo of her booth talk in Vienna – and for more info, check out Rayner’s website:

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