Reflecting on an OCULUS Year to Remember in Asia: Gerd Auffarth, Rohit Shetty, Li Lian Foo and More!

What a year for global eye care—and what a year for OCULUS in Asia. Their technology, like Pentacam® and Myopia Master®, is finding its way into some of the top practices around the region, and changing the lives of patients as it goes. 

In this year-end highlight, OCULUS takes you back to the best of 2023, where star eye doctors like Rohit Shetty, Li Lian Foo, Gerd Auffarth, Lim Li and more, were on hand to talk about the edge OCULUS devices give them in their clinics. So watch this highlight recap for more, and don’t forget to head to the OCULUS website for the latest.

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