Teleon @APACRS 2023: Cutting Out the Compromise in IOLs

Teleon’s upbeat, enthusiastic team made a splash at APACRS this year, and they are swelling with pride about their cutting-edge IOL offerings! Teleon’s premium IOLs are designed to hit what they see as a sweet spot with range and quality of vision, allowing for a range of flexibility that doctors can use to customize patient plans. From presbyopia-correcting lenses to EDoF and much more, Teleon and the doctors that use their IOLs work hard to remove any possible downside. A classic example? Dr. Jodhbir Mehta noted he can clip Teleon’s FEMTIS lens to the anterior capsule to avoid dysphotopsia, one of the most common problems with IOL wearers. Be sure to check out the full video for more details, and don’t miss out on Teleon’s information-packed website:

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