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The Power of Phakic IOLs @STAAR Surgical EVO ICL™️ APAC Experts Summit

Join STAAR Surgical’s President and CEO Tom Frinzi and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Scott Barnes as they welcome leading Asia-Pacific ICL specialists at the 3rd EVO ICL™️ APAC Experts Summit in Okinawa, Japan.

ICL implantation is hot across the region, with Asia Pacific showing the globe the potential of phakic IOLs like STAAR’s. Hear why the gathered experts praise EVO ICL as a leader in phakic lens technology, offering reliability, high-level visual outcomes and patient satisfaction across a wider variety of eyes than ever before. From its global availability to its innovative design, learn why EVO ICL is transforming the landscape of refractive surgery.

The EVO ICL offers a minimally invasive and reversible solution to correct nearsightedness, with or without astigmatism, using an implantable lens. Visit for additional information.

*For healthcare professionals only*

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