Ushering in the Next Generation of IOLs FULL Teleon Symposium at APAO 2023

The great power of the next-generation premium IOLs like TELEON’s FEMTIS IOL family is here – and with it comes a whole new world of cutting-edge tech to usher it in. APAO 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was a hotbed of innovation in the cataract space, and at TELEON’s Symposium, Pearls and Premium Solutions to FLACS and Customized Astigmatism Management, leading doctors from around the world came together to sort out the modern IOL landscape and the FEMTIS family’s place in it. 

This full-length video features entire presentations from symposium presenters Drs. Sheetal Brar, Jod Mehta, and Benjamin Cabrera, with some candid bonus nuggets from esteemed symposium-goers and the presenters themselves sprinkled throughout. Topics touched on range from high-precision surgery to IOL fixation with a femtosecond laser, customized approaches to astigmatism, and more.

Learn more about TELEON’s FEMTIS® family:

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