WESCRS 2024 Heritage Roundtable: Visionaries Past & Present

Celebrating 75 years since Sir Harold Ridley’s first IOL implant, Sean Henahan (ESCRS Eurotimes) and Dr. Richard Packard (Packard Medical Practice) sit down with Prof. Thomas Neuhann (EuroEyes Clinic Group) and Prof. Hans-Reinhard Koch (University of Bonn) at the 28th ESCRS Winter Meeting Heritage Roundtable to discuss IOL visionaries past and present.

Watch as Prof. Neuhann and Prof. Koch recount the evolution of IOL surgery from perilous to commonplace. The professors describe early phaco surgery uncertainties, industry struggles, and the genius of visionaries like Dr. Charles Kelman and Dr. Richard P. Kratz. Get ready for a whole lot of insight, sprinkled with a pinch of laughter, into the minds of pioneers in the cataract space.

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