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Why Canaloplasty with iTrack™️ Advance? Dr. Karl Mercieca Explains

The search for a stent-free treatment alternative for his glaucoma patients prompted Dr. Karl Mercieca, Director of Glaucoma Services at Bonn University Eye Clinic, to first introduce canaloplasty with iTrack™️ into his glaucoma treatment algorithm. Nova Eye caught up with Dr. Mercieca at ESCRS 2023 Vienna to learn why canaloplasty has become his preferred stent-free treatment for patients with early-to-moderate open angle glaucoma.

In this interview, Dr. Mercieca further highlights how canaloplasty avoids tissue damage, minimizes bleeding, inflammation and scarring, and enhances the patient experience while preserving a full suite of future interventions should the condition progress. For all this and more on Dr. Mercieca’s experiences with canaloplasty and the iTrack Advance, watch the video and head over to for the full story.

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